Avatar Part 2 Update

The vfx famous director James Cameron has released these images of his upcoming Avatar 2.0 Like avatar :1 changed the outlook of vfx industry , this too is expected to do Thais the vfx industry to the next level These are concept art works These

What is animation?

It’s an artificial movement created to give movement, generally to computer generated images. It has 2D & 3D as two types of animation. 3D will have the 3rd dimension of depth into it which is not there in 2D. Examples of 3D movie: Toy Story,

Launching UI & UX Courses

Launching UI & UX Courses in Chennai We take pride in launching, UI&UX courses at our 23 year reputed Animation, Multimedia & VFX training centre – arena annanagar, Chennai. In today’s competitive world, any product manufacturer or service provider faces stiff competition among the growing

Creative Minds ’19

[gallery size="medium" link="file" ids="5514,5513,5512,5511,5510,5509"] “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” — Albert Einstein. Creative Minds ’19 is an intra-centre competition for students in which students unleash their ideas and come up with their creative projects. Students celebrated this event as a great festival. The event started