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Animation Prime is a comprehensive course in the fundamentals and techniques of animation that provides understanding of the latest software and tools used in the process of animation in the industry. The 3D animation course and 2D animation course prepare you for an animation career where you can set your imagination free. With this course, you will be trained in three key aspects: Creative Visualization that includes design basics, concepts, sketching and storyboards; 2D animation concepts, graphics and editing; 3D animation concepts, tools and techniques

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    Term 1

    Concepts of Graphics & Illustrations

    Typography Design

    Digital Illustrations

    Concepts of Cinematography & Photography

    Concepts of 2D Digital Animation

    Art of Storytelling & Script Writing

    Anatomy Study

    Character Design

    Digital Painting

    Audio-Video Editing

    Storyboarding & Animatics

    Application of 2D Animation Principles

    Design Portfolio


    Term 2

    Clay Modeling & Animation

    3D Basics – Modeling to Animation

    Digital Modeling

    Lighting & Texturing Models

    3D Motion Graphics


    Digital Compositing

    3D Animation Portfolio


    Term 3

    3D Basics – Modeling to Animation

    Digital Modeling

    Digital Sculpting

    Texturing 3D Models

    Lighting & Rendering Models

    Rigging 3D Models

    3D Character Animation

    Fx, Dynamics & Simulation

    Matchmoving & Camera Tracking

    Crowd Simulation

    Specialisation & Digital Portfolio Development

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  • 3D Animator

  • 3D Modeler

  • Graphic designer

  • Illustrator

  • Texturing Artist

  • Lighting Artist

  • Rendering Artist

  • Storyboard Artist

  • Video Editor

  • Compositor